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2024 Price List



In order to complete the booking process, click below on the amount


corresponding to the number of participants indicated in your booking request.


Should you add participants the day of the tour,

we will collect you at the meeting point.



The amount you pay includes a 5% non-refundable booking fee (minimum $15).


For example, if you request a refund for a payment of $252.95, you will be refunded $237.95.

Or for a payment of $350, you will be refunded $332.50, that is, 95% of the payment.


This non-refundable fee will apply every time a refund is issued,

including refunds to clients who pay more than once by error.






1-   Click below on the link indicating the number of participants.

2- A web page opens on Square payment system:

Please fill in the missing information and make sure to provide a valid email address.

3- An email receipt will be sent by Square.


This Square receipt will be your ticket on tour date.